Thoth Software

Picture of Thoth Thoth is a shareware newsreader for Mac OS X (10.1) or Mac OS 8.5 - 9.2 and CarbonLib.

Thoth's built-in decoder for file attachments handles the usual encoding methods, including yEnc. Images from binary posts can be viewed inline, in a dedicated image window, or in an image catalog window. Binary posting is supported, as are multiple personalities allowing different email addresses, signatures, etc. to be used in different newsgroups or situations. Thoth offers powerful and flexible filtering of usenet posts, including live filtering. Reference-based article threading is available, along with with a handy view of the thread in the window of the article you're reading. Multiple news servers can be used at the same time, with multiple connections per news server. Thoth can be used both as an online and offline newsreader.

Rosetta Rosetta is a shareware decoder/file utility program for Mac OS X (10.1) or Mac OS 8.5 - 9.2 and CarbonLib.

Rosetta can decode files that have been encoded using the most common encoding methods (BinHex, MacBinary, MIME Base64, uuencode, yEnc). It can also recombine binary files that have been split into multiple segments and permits the proper ordering of the individual segments in the final combination file. Rosetta also has the ability to resplit an MPEG file that has been created by improperly joining multiple smaller MPEG movies. It can also process CDXA (".dat") format movie files to remove the file header leaving behind the MPEG movie that QuickTime should be able to play. Rosetta can also paste together individual movie files back into one long, correctly formatted movie file.

Ptah Ptah is a shareware multimedia viewer for Mac OS X (10.1) or Mac OS 8.5 - 9.2 and CarbonLib.

Ptah can open and view PICT, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and BMP image files. It can open and play QuickTime, MPEG, and AVI movie files. Using QuickTime 4 or later it can also play MP3 audio files. It can open and edit styled text documents with embedded pictures and movies. It can display text data in a list format (find examples of this on Hracie Automaty SK, a popular slots site) that is easily searched and sorted. It can create image catalogs that have useful size thumbnails and which can contains tens of thousands of images while only using a few MB of RAM and which can be quickly sorted and live filtered.

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